Insecta Images Collection Project (IIC Proj)

↑ 一些图例 

↑ Some [Habitus of Natural History] examples


IISDW had achieved the goal of collection of 1000 insect species from China with description and detailed taxonomy with the effort of webmaster Zhenhao Feng and Professor Zhishun Song from Jiangsu Second Normal University and people below. We are looking forward to receiving nice images of lively insect from the wild from all over the world! 

In alphabetical order:

Bingyi Xiong

Chuanyun Li

Fan Gao

Grant Xing

Gong Chen

Haijie Lu

Jiaxin Li

Suxin Zhang

Zhenhao Feng

Zhihong Zhan

Zhishun Song


  1. 照片提供者应拥有版权并且照片需为本人的摄影作品。若产生版权纠纷由提供者自行承担。
  2. 提供者可以用自己的水印,不过水印不可过于显眼,可以参考上面给的图例。
  3. 站长承诺照片(无论是否入选)仅会用于此网站,不会挪作他用。图片作者拥有最终版权且可以自行在他处使用。
  4. 根据提供照片数量,站长愿意合理支付稿费。


  1. The final copyright belongs to the photographer of images provided. If there is any issue with copyright, it is at your own risk.
  2. The image provider is encouraged to use your own watermarks, however, they should not be so obvious. 
  3. Webmaster, Zhenhao Feng promises that all the photos you provide will not be used in other cases. 
  4. Webmaster, Zhenhao Feng is willing to provide reasonable remuneration due to the number and quality of images. 


  1. 征收的照片需为相机拍摄(使用柔光罩者优先入选)。
  2. 拍摄类群为昆虫纲的生物。
  3. 拍摄虫体不限雌雄、成虫若虫甚至是卵或蛹。
  4. 拍摄虫体位于画面正中间,主体清晰,不可失焦或有影响观看的动态模糊。
  5. 照片长宽比为3:2。照片建议高像素,若照片被选中则站长会进行裁切和压缩的工作。
  6. 拍摄的照片质量至少为上述图片水平,拍摄者需要有一定的打光技巧;蝴蝶蜻蜓等使用长焦镜头的照片需要清晰可靠以供看清特征。

Image quality requirements:

  1. The photos must be shot by digital cameras. (Priority for diffuser)
  2. Photos contain species from Insecta
  3. No limitation in male/female, adult/larvae/nymph/pupa
  4. The body of insect should be in the center of the image. It should be in focus. 
  5. The ratio of image should be 3:2. The photos are highly recommended to be high resolution. Webmaster may zoom the images. 
  6. Photographers should have enough shooting skills for macroshot. Dragonflies or butterflies are recommended to use telephoto lens. 


  1. 照片拍摄者需提供照片拍摄时间、地点(地点最好需要精确坐标以供登记物种)
  2. 照片以 姓名+物种学名(建议提供)+拍摄地点 命名,以供鉴定或检查鉴定信息。


  1. Please provide GPS information, time information in metadata or be listed in the email. 
  2. Naming to be like [Name + Genus species(recommended to provide) + location of insect] for identification. 



The chosen photos

If you receive email from IISDW, congratulations! The information will be the name of images and photographers. 



How to post your works of art

Webmaster email:
There will be no deadline for this project. All we want to do is to show people from all over the world a clearer world of insects. 



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