IISDW Copyright Policies


  1. 若您想在网络文章、或其他平台媒体使用本网站的照片,您可以免费在其他媒体平台和电子文章栏目上使用带有网站不同年份水印的照片,但是不能用作商业、个人宣传用途。您仅需注明拍摄人,图片标题和网站引用即可(例:拍摄人:冯浈皓 褐狡臭蚁 Technomyrmex brunneus (Worker) HNH1 (insectaintegration.com/……)

  2. 若需要在纸质文章书籍、杂志、海报上使用本网站照片,则需与拍摄者沟通。您可以发送邮件给:fengzhenhao20040628@gmail.com详细咨询。本网站图片原图(不带水印,全像素大图)一律一张价格20美刀,且本网站仍然拥有其使用权和版权。

  3. 若您想使用全版权照片(网站不保留任何版权),您须按照50美刀一张的价格向本网站负责人协商购买,且使用者须注明拍摄人。


Hello, all insect lovers. All copyright of the pictures on this website belongs to the people who took the pictures.

  1. If you want to use photos of the website in online articles or other platform media, you can use photos with watermarks of different years of the website on other media platforms and electronic article columns free of charge, but no commercial or personal publicity purposes. You only need to specify the photographer, the title of the picture and a reference on the website (For example: Photographer:Zhenhao Feng 褐狡臭蚁 Technomyrmex brunneus (Worker) HNH1 (insectaintegration.com/……))
  2. If you need to use photos of this website on paper articles, books, magazines and posters, you need to communicate with the photographer. You can send an email to fengzhenhao20040628@gmail.com for more information. The original images on this website (without watermarks, full pixel images) all cost 20 USD, and the site still owns the right to use and copyright.
  3. If you want to use photos with all copyright (the website does not reserve any copyright), you must negotiate with the person in charge of the website for 50 USD per photo, and the user must indicate the photographer.

Note: All specimen images (SI) on this website are forbidden to be used in physical books and articles!